Denture Alternative – Snap In Dentures

Let’s talk dentures! Okay…we get it…you’re probably thinking, “Let’s NOT talk about dentures!”

Here are common denture complaints we hear:
1. Fit – Dentures don’t fit well, slipping and sliding more and more over time. Coming loose at the most embarrassing moments possible. Dinner, parties, first dates…every night at bedtime.
2. Adhesive Denture adhesive tastes awful! Ingredients include zinc, artificial mint…
3. Replacement – Dentures only last so long…then it starts to slip and slide. This happens because having no teeth in your jaw results in bone loss, causing dentures fit to change.

If you’re one of the 250,000 denture wearers in San Diego, PermaDontics has a denture alternative option for you!

Snap in Dentures cost as much a new set of dentures AND they can last a lot longer. They are NOT permanent dentures. Please click here to learn more about our 
Same Day Teeth procedure for fixed, non-removable, teeth replacement.

Review your personalized teeth replacement options. Learn how snap on dentures compare to regular and permanent dentures. Schedule your complimentary consultation today. Call:  866-RESOLVE.